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We take our time in understanding the IT needs of businesses and provide a modern approach to the solution.

Our services enable businesses to scale, transform, and gain a competitive advantage with our robust and flexible web and mobile solutions.


What We Do..

Web Development

We design, develop, and execute web-based solutions ranging from robust social applications to complex backend administration and eCommerce systems.

Web & Cloud Consulting

We provide advise in utilising cloud infrastructure efficiently, whether it is fully cloud-native or hybrid, and guide you through the consequences on culture, people, and technology.

Cost Reduction & Optimisation

Our outsourcing services helps clients around the world to optimise software development costs. The team has all the needed expertise to carry out turnkey projects and bring all the benefits of outsourcing.

Digital Transformation

From planning to implementation, we assist clients to fully leverage the opportunities of a mix of digital technologies towards digital success and enterprise optimisation.

Web Development


Client can choose to custom build or spin-off popular off-the-shelf CMS. We provide comprehensive CMS development, from conception to development to maintenance.

Turnkey Web App

We develop secure, scalable applications to meet the specific business requirements of our clients and employ cutting-edge technologies to improve productivity and efficiency.


We have the expertise to architect, design and build secure, high-performance, and scalable web services, APIs, multimedia streaming and real time communication.


We develop front-end that follows industry standards, cross-platform compatible, mobile responsive, and SEO friendly without compromising visual design.

Web Optimisation

We optimise using various strategies to help clients reduce cost, increase traffic, improve engagement, reduce loading time and to meet other business objectives .

Development Toolbox


Web & Cloud Consulting

Web Consultation

Utilise our expertise and extensive technical background to develop a comprehensive web-centric strategies tailored fit to your business needs.

Cloud Consultation

We present cloud recommendations that is right for your business. Our strategy focuses on scalability, availability, budget and cost and technology.

Cyber Security Consultation
Cyber Security

Obtain an explicit cybersecurity strategy and recommendations to empower your information security, risk management, and awareness programs.

Design Consultation

UI/UX is one of the most important aspects of an application. By carefully analysing client’s requirements, we propose design that are intuitively usable and visually appealing.

Web Testing
Web testing

By combining a variety of the best traditional manual and automated testing approaches, QA, and custom-written tests, we help polish out web products


Our Works

Asset Tracking and Delivery System

Two similar yet custom-tailored asset tracking and delivery system built for a national LPG company and a fast-food chain. It connects call-centers, dispatching office and the delivery assets in a single system. Delivery time was improved up to 200%. Assets idle time was reduced by 120% and fuel consumptions was down by 30%.

The system architecture was set-up that it was able to scale at a very minimal cost. The implementation occurs minimal overhead cost because dashboard runs on browser and the app was backward compatible on older Android devices.

Harbour City Delivery

Lending System

Lending system with intelligent ledger, notification, geotracking and advanced account profiling. It improved and modernise the lending process in the Philippines. Client's operation is mostly in remote location with intermittent internet connectivity so every was made with speed and light-weight in mind.

The system uses hybrid mobile app for fast development and less development cost. With thousands of daily transactions being handled daily, The system's infrastructure operational cost sits at less than $50 monthly and still at 30% capacity.

Aspire Credit and Lending System

Video Streaming Platform

Client had a running app and backend system in place and was looking for optimising video delivery performance and API response time. We audited their codebase, profiled SQL queries and does stress test. Provided several recommendations and now the system's response time is 350% faster and uses 50% less resources.

We also made several recommendations for the optimisation of the react-native hybrid app.

We endorsed client to for their video streaming provider. We also assisted them in migrating and adapting Streaming latency has been reduced to 200ms and spend less worrying about in-house streaming management.

LiveNow PH Streaming App

Real Estate Listing Website

Developed a Real Estate web application using the latest web technology. The website was made in Single Page Application to load faster and uses Nuxt.js SSR to retain SEO friendliness. The website was developed with mobile responsiveness in mind. Backend caching was implemented to reduce read transactions directly from the database.

About Us

Asbir Tech is a web development and IT consulting company established in 2016 in the Philippines. In 2022, it was brought to Australia when one of its partners emigrated. Since its inception in 2016 the company has been serving IT and non-IT organizations, helping to achieve a variety of goals and objectives with digital solutions and recent trend technologies.

The Dream Team

Comprised of developers, engineers, designers, UI/UX specialists, cyber security analysts, projects managers, QA and tech support specialists - the ever growing company prides itself in having talented and highly-skilled individuals, battle-tested and ready to deliver the highest quality of service.

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